"The Brains"

Andrea is the masterpiece behind the birth of Okiara. Often described as euphoric when she finds something raw and eccentric in her eyes. She gather pieces that gives spark of joy and love to others.


"The Body"

Oliver is the missing puzzle in Okiara. Right hand man to The Brains. Gathers unique pieces around to nurture the flow. Everyday handyman for the coup.


The Outcome

Established July 2019, Okiara came in the inspiration of an islanders. Where pacific ocean meets land below the wind. A unique combination between prints and the laid back feels on the island life.

Realizing the devastation of impact on mother nature, Okiara began curating secondhand clothes with the intention to reduce landfill impact and to modernized slow fashion. With that initiative, Andrea & Oliver began working with polymer clay and incorporating other elements in the work. Expanding their way of making their intricate and peculiar textures of clay designs.

Okiara heart lies within the nature- a value that we carry through our arts and business. Ethically handmade produce to conserve the habitual surrounding. Okiara also thrilled to be part of the movement where planting a tree with every purchased is made.