Nubian - Lost in Dessert

An Egyptian Tale

Have you ever watch the movie "The Mummy 1999"? It caught my attention when it first released in 1999. Starred by the talented actor Brenda Fraser, Rachel Weisz, and others to name. When I was a kid watching this action horror film, I was enthusiastically fascinated by the Egyptian background. 

All the Egyptian hieroglyphs on the wall and pyramids. How they record everything with symbols is just amazing. This is to express their thinking of their mind through different pictures. It's just so cool to watch this as a kid.

Until lately, when Andrea and myself decided to re-watch the movie. It was a flashback when I was a kid. I immediately got the inspiration to make an Egyptian series. The name I got was from the imperial concubine of the Pharoah Seti I- Anck Su Namun. 

She was the queen of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. She was considered so beautiful that in ancient times men always turned to behold her. With glossy black hair, olive complexion, and voluptuous physique. The perfect way to be a princess with this series.